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Bottoms Up Espresso at BUMP Music Festival 2015

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Bottoms Up Espresso

Bottoms Up Espresso


Owners, Alexandra Ireland and Nate Wilson, began working together in 2010 to begin creating the concept that is now known as “Bottoms Up Espresso”. Alexandra Ireland, originally from the Seattle, Washington area, was exposed to the “bikini coffee” concept in her early 20’s in her home town. She gained an interest in the concept and soon took on a role as a bikini barista herself. While working for multiple locations in the area she soon realized that the structure of the business model needed more stability and accountability not only from the owners but from the staff themselves. Teaming together Nate and Alexandra moved the idea to central California and began working on a plan. Bottoms Up Espresso opened its first store in Modesto, California in early 2011, on the corner of Prescott and Briggsmore. Experiencing success in the changes they had made in a classic “bikini barista” model they opened their second store within the first year.Since that first year Bottoms Up Espresso has expanded to 6 locations across the Central California area. Numbers have increased due to operational strength and positive attitudes toward the brand and the system.  Bottoms Up Espresso has found success in specialty coffee and energy drinks, a combination of great customer service, great drinks and an energetic, positive staff.The Bottoms Up Espresso team is committed to developing the best drive-thru espresso experience. Bottoms Up Espresso is expecting additional growth throughout the nation.  Moving forward, Bottoms Up Espresso will remain on the path that successful operations that are founded with exceptional products, attractive, and efficient locations.